Litheli Générateur Électrique Portable B600

  • Le générateur électrique Litheli B600 est un choix idéal pour des activités en plein air telles que le camping, la randonnée ou comme source d'énergie d'urgence grâce à sa puissance de 594Wh et onduleur à onde sinusoïdale pure.
Litheli Générateur Électrique Portable B600

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Litheli Générateur Électrique Portable B600

Litheli Générateur Électrique Portable B600

Note du produit: 5/5 (5 avis)

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Présentation du générateur électrique Litheli B600

Caractéristiques du générateur électrique Litheli B600

  • Portabilité: Très léger et facile à transporter avec une poignée robuste.
  • Capacité énergétique: 594Wh avec batterie de 156000mAh et deux batteries externes.
  • Sorties diversifiées: Inclut des ports AC/DC/USB pour une alimentation polyvalente.
  • Sécurité optimisée: Protection contre la surchauffe, les courts-circuits, et la surcharge.
  • Méthodes de charge multiples: Recharge rapide via Type-C, DC7909, panneau solaire, ou allume-cigare.

Notre avis sur le générateur électrique Litheli B600

Le générateur électrique portable Litheli B600 est un excellent investissement pour toute personne cherchant une source d'énergie fiable et écologique. Sa capacité à fournir de l'électricité dans des situations variées, que ce soit pour des activités récréatives telles que le camping ou en cas d'urgence à la maison, le rend incroyablement polyvalent. Grâce à sa technologie d'onde sinusoïdale pure et son système de gestion de batterie intégré, il offre une alimentation stable et sécurisée pour de nombreux appareils. Nous recommandons ce produit particulièrement aux amateurs de plein air et à ceux qui cherchent à être préparés pour des urgences énergétiques.

Sécurité et durabilité du produit

  • La centrale électrique Litheli B600 est équipée de batteries au lithium de haute qualité assurant une sûreté et une longévité exceptionnelles. Avec une durée de vie estimée jusqu'à 15 ans et une capacité de cycle de 2500 fois, c'est un choix éco-responsable et fiable.

Options de charge et portabilité

  • La station d'énergie B600 n'est pas seulement puissante mais également pratique grâce à ses multiples options de charge. Les utilisateurs apprécieront sa capacité à se recharger via USB-C, DC7909, panneau solaire ou encore l'allume-cigare d'une voiture.

Service après-vente et garanties

  • Avec un service client disponible 24/24h, une garantie de remboursement de 60 jours et une garantie de 2 ans, Litheli assure une expérience client sans soucis. La livraison rapide renforce l'attrait du générateur B600 pour des achats sans tracas.

Note du produit: 5/5 (5 avis)


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Avis de nos clients

Commenté en Allemagne le 4 octobre 2023

Good parameters at a low price. So far, everything suits me. I haven't tested it in operation yet. But it charges to 100% in about 5 hours.

Commenté aux États-Unis le 17 mai 2023

This is one of the best small power stations I have used. I have somewhere around 15 power stations, all different sizes, brands, ect... This is by far the most useful station I have. My wife always has a dead phone battery so when she leaves I give her one of the small portable batterys it comes with so she can keep her phone charged up when she is out and about, then when she gets home I just install it in it's charging bay and recharge it. For the price it can't be beat. The only thing I can think of to improve is using the lifepo4 batterys and it would be perfect. keep up the good work.

Commenté aux États-Unis le 10 janvier 2023

This is a solid battery backup for camping/beach/emergencies/picnics.This is a unit I got for my girlfriend. My experience is with a Bluetti 300wH battery and a 60w solar panel I use for camping, beaching, and fishing here in sunny Florida.This will charge cell phones, more portable batteries in the 10,000 - 30,000 mA, you know, the ones you hold in your hand, LED lights, and a HOT LOGIC (highly recommended).PROS:1) The unit has a very well rounded set of outputs. 2 USB-A at 12 watts (confirmed), 1 USB-C at 100 watts (confirmed to 65 watts, the max for my laptop, a DC cigarette lighter style out (confirmed functionality), a 100 watt max 3-prong outlet (confirmed to 75w), and a QI charger (confirmed operation)2) The unit has an impressive set of ways to get power into the battery, by USB from the wall (brick and USB-C cord included, which is quite nice - that's actually a ~50 freebie as you can use those for other USB-C powered things), an auto plug, a solar panel input with an MC4 plug on one end to connect to solar panels (I've never seen that supplied before). MC4 is the standard connection used in RVs, houses, and commercial use - it's pretty nice.3) I did confirm the the unit will charge and discharge at the same time. Please see the picture with blue HOT LOGIC in the foreground, you can see watts going in and out. The codeword for that is "pass-though." Few units have this feature, and a very nice benefit - most you have to charge OR use the energy.4) It's distinctly more svelte to handle than my Bluetti.NEUTRAL OBSERVATIONS1) There are no DC plug outs - that's actually pretty minor all things considered. My Bluetti has three and I've only ever used one. It's a space saving design decision.2) I did confirm this unit is accepting roughly the same wattage as my Bluetti - so the charging functions properly.3) There is only one AC plug. Most in this Watt-Hour class have two. That's ok, one is fine, and it makes the unit smaller.CONS1) I'm not seeing this as a 300 Watt-Hour battery. Using the two pictures, you can see by multiplying the watts out X hours left, that's about 240-250 wHrs. It's not a huge deal - that's one charge of an iphone 13 Pro.OVERALL1) This is, no doubt a nice unit. I would recommend. Something like this is very nice to have on hand for being away from home with electronics to run.2) 5 stars for weight, 5 stars for Versatility, 4 Stars for Battery life (took one star off for my only being able to see it has ~250wH, and not 300wH as specified). That's a 4.66, and rounding up is a pretty easy 5.3) These things are advancing very rapidly. It's like buying a new laptop or set of golf clubs - there will be a newer model next year - that's inevitable. I don't see any buyers remorse in this unit. There aren't any clear errors or omissions, and the entire package with everything supplied is honestly pretty impressive.

Commenté aux États-Unis le 13 juin 2023

This pack is amazing! Not only does it hold a charge for a long time but it really puts out a great supply of energy! I love that there are so many charging features! Not only are there multiple ports, and wireless charging BUT there is also to power packs that can charge our phones all the way from zero in less than an hour.

Commenté aux États-Unis le 8 janvier 2023

Le produit multimédia n'a pas pu être chargé.  While there are other batteries on the market that have similar specs, this battery shines with the additional features it has.First off, the quality seems really good. All of the included cables/accessories are above standard quality. The unit itself has a nice finish, and a nice big screen that shows charging stats, battery level, time remaining, etc.The wireless charger works great. I have another battery with a wireless charger - it works, but you have to turn on the wireless charging button every time you want to use it. With this battery, as long as the battery is on/has power - you can put your phone or other device on the top for a wireless charge. No extra buttons. The wireless charger is also not as picky as others. Meaning there seems to be a larger area where the phone will pick up the wireless charging.Another nice feature - the AC port. By long pressing the AC power button, you can toggle if you want the AC to turn off after 6 hours of no use (to save power), or have it constantly on. Constantly on will use battery, but there are situations were you may not want the device to auto power off.Favorite feature - the pop out external batteries. When not in use, you simply slide the small batteries into the large battery port. This will store them and charge. When you need some quick power (going on a trip, forgot to charge your phone, etc.) you just pop it out. The battery has a USB C connection that you can use to connect to your device. The batteries have about enough juice to equal a standard cell phone battery. So you should be able to get about 75% phone charge off each battery. The small batteries also come with a transportation device. I know you can buy external batteries, but then once used, I have to find a charger, charge it, remember where I store the battery... so much more convenient to have the charge and storage location in the same spot.It of course has the other standard features - USB A and C ports, car DC port, and DC input. The battery comes with a heavy duty USB C cable, USB C power block, DC car charger, and DC to MC4 connector (for solar panels). As you can see in my video, I did not have any trouble charging the unit via solar panels. In my example, I used USB C for charging.Overall great product, highly recommend. The only thing I would change is the included cables. It did come with a USB C power block, and USB C cable, so it is fully ready to charge from a power outlet. But I need to be able to charge the unit while using my laptop - which I plug in via USB C. So I have to use the USB C port for charging, or to use the battery - not both. You can certainly plug in an AC power adapter to the DC port for charging that route, just did not come with this cable. This issue is very minor - if you really need the functionality, you can get the cable for about 20 dollars.